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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Killin' it For a Cure!

October is breast cancer awareness month and today I had a chance to participate in the "Killin' it for a Cure" fundraiser at Crossfit Will County. It was a fun event consisting of a team WOD. Teams of two had to complete the following: 3rnds of 20 Clean&Jerk 135#, 40 Kettlebell swings 53#, 30 pullups. My partner Mike (Crossfit Naperville) and I finished the task in 13:25, here's a pic of the two of us post workout.


Sean B-H said...

nice shirt

was Pat there? How did you make out compared to other teams?

Michael Murphy said...

Pat wasn't there. We did quite well, I think we were only a minute maybe 1.5 min behind the best team. I like team events, they push you hard, then you rest ,then you go hard, there is no pacing it is just go, go, go!

Pat M said...

I am sorry I missed this. CFWC is about 10km from my house. If you guys head down there again, let me know...I will meet you.