The 4 Horsemen will usher in a new age of fitness. The traditional versions of Conquest, War, Famine and Death are represented in our focus on Goals, Competition, Nutrition and Metabolic-conditioning. We firmly believe that strength, power and fitness are best achieved by utilizing CrossFit methods and the 4 Horsemen of Lifts: Squats, Presses, Deadlifts and O-lifts.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Monzi Pulling on the C2

Recently we were lucky enough to pick up a Concept 2 Rower for an unbelievable price. Whats the first thing you do when you get a rower? Pull a 500!!! I managed a huge PR with a 1:28.8. That was just under a 7 second improvement. Whatever we're working. The C2 is a great new weapon in the gym and will be a key tool to gear up for July 18th.


Sean B-H said...

The 4 Horseman of Death, War, Famine and Conquest will be a crushing force come July 18th. I wish I could be there!!

Sick time Ben.

Dani Aldred said...

You lucked out on the rower. It is so nice! Looks like it has never been used before.

Dani Aldred said...

Yes, I know you like your chocolate milk. Definately willing to try it post WOD. You make a very good point about simple sugar being absorbed into the liver/muscle faster with apple sauce. The person who I was directing my comment to likes to eat 6 peanut butter sandwiches (on white bread) and 4 packs of Mr. Noodle each day (in addition to lots of protein). His meal plans have good parts and some very flawed parts. Will you send me that journal article?