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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Meat Locker

Getting a "quality" protein source at every meal is essential for optimal performance. This can be especially troubling if your following paleo guidelines. Without the cheese, milk and protein powder to fall back on your left with...well real food, meat, eggs & more meat!

It is actually not that hard to do if you put your mind to it. A dozen eggs at No Frills goes for $1.97, hard boil those and your set for some snacks. Also you need to keep your eyes out for deals on meat like I do. Whenever you walk into your grocery store grab the flyer and take a look through it, there is always some cut of meat going for cheap. No frills just had chicken breast on for $2.99 a pound! That's crazy! Also remember the more you buy the cheaper you will get it.

I always buy whole chickens from loblaw (usually no more then $11.00, 1.7kg) , cut it up, put it into a Tupperware container and feed off it when I need that quick meal.

Bottom line, don't get stuck with the same cuts of meat everytime you walk into the grocery store, expand your choices for your own sake and your wallets.

Keys to success

  • look out for deals
  • shop at more then one grocery store
  • buy meat in bulk
  • then cook that meat in bulk
  • don't be a pussy
  • stop eating the same boring meat over and over
  • beans are not protein

*Note: this post was seriously rushed because Sean needed something new to read immediately

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Sean B-H said...

Good post Ben, Costco is really good for meat. I shouldn't nag you about posting I have been lazy lately too.