The 4 Horsemen will usher in a new age of fitness. The traditional versions of Conquest, War, Famine and Death are represented in our focus on Goals, Competition, Nutrition and Metabolic-conditioning. We firmly believe that strength, power and fitness are best achieved by utilizing CrossFit methods and the 4 Horsemen of Lifts: Squats, Presses, Deadlifts and O-lifts.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!

It's New Year's Eve remember to celebrate in style and get your groove on!

Now is a great time to make your goals for the coming year or at least the next 3 months. Make it attainable and make it real put a number to it. Pick 3 for each catagory - strength, work, skills

My goals for 2010


1. Squat 400lbs

2. Deadlift 420#

3. Snatch 100kg


1. a 6 min Mile

2. 1/2 angie in 6 min

3. 15 rnds of Mary


1. 100 DUs in a row

2. 3 sec Front lever

3. 10 full HSPU on Parallettes (shoulders to thumbs)