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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Successful WinterLift

On Saturday I competed at Winterlift in Sarnia. Here is a summary of what worked out to be a third placed finish in the 77kg weight class. BWT 76.1kg; Snatch: 1-84kg, 2-89kg(miss), 3-90kg; Clean&Jerk: 1-109, 2-115, 3-119; Total: 209kg. Big thanks to Bryan Marshall and Hani Kanama from Toronto Weightlifting for all their help, tips and great advice. I would also like to thank Larry, Miel, Stella, Jeff, Glenn, Rick, Justin, Robyn, and everyone else for the cheers and support.


Ben Wheeler said...

Light Weight baby!

Nice job Murph!

Pat M said...

Nice, 209 total, that is awesome.

Pat M said...


I will let you know when the next meet in this area (Chicago) is. Michigan seems to have a lot, Indiana, not so many. If you are this way again, let me know. We can go and train with the US Olympic Weightlifting Coach (1992 and 2008) and Tara Nott (Gold, 2000) coach. They are both world class coaches and really good, humble guys.