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Friday, June 5, 2009

Cheaters Guide to Success - Lesson 2: "Watching the Game"

Now, as I am a proud Canadian I thoroughly enjoy watching hockey with my buddies. With the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs nearing many of us will venture out to our local watering hole to catch the rest of this exciting series. It is important to remember that in our stupid western civilization dieting (or more appropriately eating healthy) among men especially is somewhat shunned and as to not look like a "pussy" one must conform to the norm. The best way for us "manly cheaters" to achieve this is to stick with the classic "wings and beer. Here is the cheaters guide to wings and beer at the pub: Sticking to a 4-5 block zone portion (probably 2-3x fat), you can eat 1pound (10-15 wings) with 2 pints of beer (not cider, which you shouldn't be drinking anyways - man up Nancy!). For the wings try to stay away from the sugar filled saucy ones - BBQ, Honey garlic and go with teriyaki, salt & Pepper or Hot. Mild and Medium sauces are for wussies and they are mainly ketchup based which means full of sugar. This is a solid cheat meal if you stick to the proportions as this is key - PROPORTIONS! Now this doesn't mean you should eat like this everyday but if you are going to cheat, do it wisely.


Note: If the game goes into OT you can have 5 more wings and another pint, just workout a little extra the next day.


Sean B-H said...

Beer and chicken wings is my biggest weakness. Especially at Fitz when it is a dirt cheap combo. Yes, normal beer is delicious and spectacular but Strongbow is gluten free. So if anyone has completely cut out gluten it is a good option.

Michael Murphy said...

Budweiser has less gluten than most other beers (made with 40% rice) but I wouldn't recommend anyone drink it as it tastes like crap.

Jeremy said...

what is a gluten?

Sean B-H said...

jeremy thanks for the great advice. I will work on my jerk and post another video soon.

I Hope your enjoying putting heavy shit up overhead.