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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Other peoples great posts

If I read a great post/blog/article I'm going to start posting a link so we can all share in the good stuff.
Just a few of my favourites so far.


Sean B-H said...

Why isn't my blog on here?

Michael Murphy said...

Sean, your blog is listed under the "Things you should check out" section on the right hand side. When you write a half decent post on something relevant I'll post the link :P

Melissa Byers said...

Michael Murphy - thanks for the link, and THANKS for posting that Kilgore CFJ article! I actually didn't know where Chuck's nickname came from, but that is a great read (and I'll make sure to address him properly in future posts).

Michael Murphy said...

For all those that didn't know, it is well documented that Chuck Carswell(an instructor from the level 1 cert) is The Most Powerful Human Being In The Entire Universe. Also everybody should check out Melissa's Blog (there is a link under Things you should check out)and the Best of edition in the CFJ article.